Go to 2nd and A in America’s first industrial park then follow your nose to this happy blue and white cart serving up pork (or chicken) souvlaki skewers on pita bread with ripe tomato, red onion and rich homemade tzatziki plus a horiatiki salad all for $8. Friendly Phil dreamed up this perfect cart and had it fabricated to his specs and named it after his Mom, Renula who taught him the “fine art of Rhodian cuisine”. A heavy duty grill and a rotisserie are turning out high quality and tasty Greek treats indeed and you can just see Phil is having a great time cooking and sharing this mobile Aegean fare. Also couldn’t resist the chicken gyro. The breads are super fresh, extra tasty pillows and Phil and company take great care with each order. Today Renula’s was out of the grape leaves but Phil promises the meat and rice dolmades will be back tomorrow and so will I.

By EATTV on Aug 9, 2011

From yelp:

I ate at Renula’s for the first time last week and had the pork souvlaki (at a Greek place! I didn’t even know pork souvlaki existed!). So delicious, quick, and cheap. Great folks behind the cart, too – had a nice chat with Phil, the owner! I’m thrilled this is around the corner from my office, and I expect to eat here many times to come.

By Alex T. on Aug 15, 2011